Simple GameJolt API plugin for Construct 2

GameJolt API plugin for Construct 2

As you may know, there's a program called Construct 2. You can make games with it. While I'm generally not a huge fan of built-in scripting system (scene editor and idea of behaviours are pretty great though), some people make nice games with that.

Also there's Game Jolt. Game Jolt is a site you can host your games, devlogs, and related media upon. It's great. I'm not sure which of Saturn's moons you are living on if you haven't heard of it by now.

Then when two come together... you can upload Construct 2 games to GameJolt, but you cannot use any of it's quite so nice Game APIs (such as high score tables, trophies, data stores...), since, well, noone made a plugin for that so far.

Seeing that, I thought that I may as well fix that part (a bit). So I have devoted a bit of time over few days and have made a plugin that provides basic functionality, such as sending scores and trophies. Everything is pretty straight-forward and easy to get hang of.

Installation is simple also - download ZIP file below, and unzip contents (a folder called "gamejolt") into HTML5 plugins directory (Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins) in your Construct 2 installation. Upon next launch of program, GameJolt plugin will be available in "Platform specific" category alongside of Kongregate, Scirra arcade, and other items.

That's pretty much it, I guess. Download links are below. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

GameJolt page (demo+downloads)

Update (August 2014)

Extension has been updated to include additional functions. So have been links in this post and files on GameJolt.

Minecraft: A small large bug in Lockette and LWC

Image of a stereotypical happy chest protected by Minecraft' Bukkit' Lockette server plugin

Lockette. What a wonderful server-side plugin for Minecraft' Bukkit servers. Being a plugin that allows players to protect their chests from being opened by other players, it is often the heart of survival-oriented servers, and the primary protection method for players. Unlike some other Bukkit protection plugins, it doesn't give you up if your database goes down or something else breaks. So it would seem that it would mostly prevent players from stealing items from each other...
Well, currently it does not.
Nor do some other plugins. This post explains how and why.

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Vector: GameMaker: Studio logo in Windows 8 style

GameMaker: Studio logo in Windows 8 style

This vector icon was originally drawn by me as illustration for one of discussions I was participating in at end of April, which rolled from discussing GameMaker: Studio functionality to discussing it's current logo to making guesses how it could be made better and particularly if Windows 8 - like style would have worked for it. I'm not sure whether this is a good logo generally, but I think it could be useful at times when current 3d-looking Studio logo does not quite fit aesthetically.
To maximize ease of adaptation, scalable vector source file (SVG) is also included here.

Download SVG Download PNG Download HD PNG

Also I've made a GameMaker: Studio HTML5' loading bar extension out of this logo, which looks like this:

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Userstyle: Green fix for GameMaker Community forums

Userstyle for GameMaker Community forums, fixing theme colours back to loved green ones.

If you've been visiting GameMaker Community lately, you might've noticed that forum software update has switched the light theme to new default IPB blue theme.
That is going to be fixed soon (hopefully!), but until then, there's a small solution if you're not too keen of mixed standard blue-green-pink(?!) palette.

First, ensure that you have a browser plugin to add support for userstyle. Seems that a commonly used one is Stylish, but there are also other options.
Also ensure that forum is set to default (blue) theme.

Then, create a new style in said plugin.
"Applies to domain" field would to be set to "", obviously. CSS contents can be downloaded here:

Download CSS

After clicking "Save" and refreshing page, theme will appear green-coloured, more or less mimicking the previously used green theme (except maybe slightly softer, since it's a quick CSS recolour of new standard theme).

Optionally, you can also download a ZIP archive with related files, so you can easily substitute links in CSS and host images wherever loads fastest for you.

Should be good.

Windows 7 – Changing desktop icon label colors

If you've ever disabled casting of shadows by desktop icons in Windows 7 (System - Additional system parameters - Performance), you might have noticed that it's not possible to set actual colour of icon/thumbnail captions. It is said, that Windows decides that on it's own, judging from image colours (luminance?). But is it always the right decision? Probably not. Time to time I get things like these:

However, despite of it being said that this is automatic, there is is a way to influence decision of system on deciding with a colour. And it is actually a simple one. Continue reading

Minecraft: all at once of ChestShop bugs

If you are playing on Minecraft' Bukkit multiplayer servers, you may've heard of a server-sided plugin called ChestShop. Maybe some of servers that you visit even use it. Now, a fact is, that it has a couple of bugs with different negative effects (from server balance point of view). Yes, that happens, plugins do have bugs sometimes. A problem is, that on many servers that I visited, administration would either ignore fact of there being something wrong, or even denying possibility of bugs existing - in both cases taking no steps to fix anything, even if given an explanation, how to.
So I'm publishing a list of bugs with more or less comprehensive information, including measures that need to be taken to exclude these.
Here's a video demonstration (with version 3.46) and a description of each bug pictured in video:
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“How it goes”

As you have probably noticed, past 1 2 3 many weeks went without any posts here. That's (probably) somewhat sad. I wanted to make a long explanation post about this, but I keep on procrastinating on finishing it, so I'll just make a few smaller posts later on. In short, most time was spent studying, playing games, making games, making programs, and getting similar with new development methods. Also I've made a Russian version of website, it's database encoding got messed up while server was being updated, I recovered that, and will probably post there too.

Transfer and update note

As you can see, some things changed around here, and there is everything missing.

This is a temporary effect, caused by fact that I've switched content management system from Chyrp to WordPress.

Pages will be re-added shortly.

Posts will be re-added more or less gradually.

This is a notable change, which will allow to improve some aspects of the website greatly.

Update: most of pages and data have been re-added, even with links kept. Now, slowly re-adding posts front-to-back.

Minecraft: Shattered world (r1)

"Overview" screenshot.

This day was spent by me in working with JavaScript and Lua.
JavaScript works did not get a great visual presentation this time, but upcoming Lua framework for manipulating WorldEdit in minecraft did.

View "from inside"

My new script generates a very specific sort of world for Minecraft - such world looks just about how it would (probably) look after impact with large-sized asteroid, dealing huge amounts of destruction and sending some parts of land to low orbit.
That's the idea. Generator creates blocks of many kinds according to specific pattern, paying attention to multiple factors, granting uneven distribution of materials and separate concentrated 'islands' which attract surrounding blocks to them.
Such maps have value as an uncommon survival challenge.
Overall, this was quite fun for me; I plan to experiment with generation even further, which may eventually result in a server-sided plugin of this purpose.

You can download the map (savegame) here: (420kb .zip)

Minecraft: Sometime, modding

I was playing Minecraft often in past days, and once again have came to thoughts that start from phrase "I wish there was...".
As result, I've got to 'playing around' with source of Zombe's ModPack.
This mod already adds some nice additions for single-player and survival multi-player, and most of my edits turned out to be experimental, or something that only I might see use of.
So, these are...

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