Notepad++: syntax highlighting for BB code

It came to my attention that no one published a user defined language mode for Notepad++ that would allow you to view BB code tags in the editor relatively comfortably, so I decided to correct that omission by publishing mine.

As far as technical details go, there isn't anything of particular complexity here - various tags are defined as delimiters and URLs use the same trick that the built-in Markdown UDL uses.

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TXR part 1 in Haxe

This is a small note that I have made a quick Haxe variant of the first part of my "small guide on writing interpreters". You can see an interactive Haxe-JS demo above, and find the Haxe source code on GitHub.

Notepad++: Syntax highlighting for FontForge Script

FontForge comes with two scripting systems - largely-regular Python and an unnamed scripting language that uses the extension .PE.

While the documentation advices to prefer Python scripting where possible, it is still nice to be able to read the existing PE scripts easier.

This User Defined Language for Notepad++ aids with that, adding folding and syntax highlighting for built-in functions and variables of the scripting language.

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