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My name is Vadim. I'm a programmer from Ukraine and the author of this website.
On the internet I usually go by username "YellowAfterlife"

I have been programming for quite a while now (since 2005), noticeably picking up the pace in the recent years (as reflected by the developments shown on this blog).

My primary area of expertise is game development, with recent emphasis on online multiplayer.

I tend to use the tools most appropriate for the task. While my own projects are usually done either in GameMaker (for 2D games on desktop and mobile) or Haxe (for web applications and utilities), I can work with a wide range of tools from JS & AS3 for web to C# or C++ for native to compiler design and microcontroller programming.

A selection of projects is available on the Works page. Smaller projects can be found here on the blog and on the itch.io page (particularly for online multiplayer mods\collab projects).


I can be reached in a number of ways:

I may be available for contract work.

32 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. I just want to thank you for your brilliant lightning script. I was looking for a small efficient way to produce a dynamic lightning effect (without using sprites) and your script is absolutely perfect. I will be sure to credit you as a contributor in my game. You other examples look equally interesting and I’m looking forward to examining them as well.

  2. Hello there i like your examples so if you can make a tutorial of tile-matching like (Bejeweled) will be lovely bcs i can’t find out any tut about that…….

  3. Thank you so much for this website. I’ve been reading regularly here and it’s one of my favorite spots to come to to read about games and programming. Your work has brought me much joy.

  4. Hey, you’re doing great, but is there a downloadable version of the terrasavr? I don’t have internet and I cannot go to my brother’s house everyday, so a downloaded one will be very much appreciated.

  5. I love how fast it is for me to use GML with GameMaker.

    I have been looking for something simular with Haxe but I can’t find anything. Stencyl the closest thing but it is all visual and not what I’m after.

    Now I’m thinking there must be a way I could make a program that parses through a scripting language based off GML and generates Haxe files that can be then compiled to whatever language I want.

    I know it would be hard work but I was thinking I could update it as I need new functions making. I think I would speed up my development more using this than coding it myself.

    I was thinking of using HaxeFlixel at first to get it up and running then making it more custom after.

    What are the problems with this idea?

    • I don’t remember why I haven’t replied to this comment before. Probably had lost the draft.
      The problem is the amount of type information present.

      For example, generating JS, Lua, or even GML code from Haxe is relatively easy – you mostly just discard type information and trust compiler (and yourself) to not mix things up to the point of getting runtime errors. The rest is about morphing language structures.

      Generating Haxe code from GML is not so easy though – you have to somehow resolve what type any given variable actually is. A similar problem exists with converting JS to C++ – it takes quite an amount of compile-time analysis to recover type information.

      Maybe it would be easier to write an interpreter for GML and have “core” functions written in actual Haxe. Something similar (but not with Haxe) was done for Hotline Miami 2′ PS4/Vita ports, for example.

  6. Hi there amazing person! I don’t have a website that I am using your scripts on, but I wanted to let you know that I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to you for creating the awesomeness that is the Terrasavr. πŸ˜€ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I’m sure it wasn’t too difficult for someone with an obviously high intellect such as yourself (please don’t take that as sarcasm, I am completely serious!), but even something so simple can be so powerful. So, once again, thank you so much!!! My fiance and I want you to have our babies!

  7. Hey Vadim,

    i just downloaded a couple of extremely helpful gamemaker tutorials from your page! thank you so much for the clarity of the design and explanations of your tutorials. they are just perfect for me! πŸ˜€
    also good work on the site. just neat and enlightening topics here πŸ˜‰

    • + checking your comment system i noticed the design of the random icons for the commentors. i guess this is some kind of script. if so… amazing πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks! And the random icons are added by the content management system (WordPress). They are mostly there so the comments section does not start to look confusing if multiple people are signing their comments with the same (e.g. first) name.

  8. I found your Terraria-editor to be perfect. It has only once not done what I wanted, and then I found out that it was my fault. So truly, it has never stopped working, never like, deleted my people, or anything. Truly AMAZING.

  9. You’re a life saver! I had somehow accidentally deleted my cell phone in Terraria. Thanks to Terrasavr i now have a new one. It saved me a ton of tedious work.

    I noticed you use ads to support this site. Maybe you would consider a bitcoin donation address as an alternative/addition? I’m so grateful i would love to make a small donation.

    • Donations are currently accepted via the itch.io page. It also offers a downloadable SWF that can be ran standalone without observing any ads (or using up the website’s bandwidth).

  10. var ex, ey;ex = instance_nearest(x, y, enemy).x;ey = instance_nearest(x, y, enemy).y;if point_distance(x, y, ex, ey) < 200{instance_create(x, y, obj_Missile)} how can i make in tululoo vadim ??

  11. Dear YellowAfterlife i want to ask you if you can provide me an Nuclearthrone.exe w ntt-asemble already installed i dont know why but i cant use ntt-assemble :/

    • Personally, I can’t, because I specifically agreed to not do that (openly sharing what is pretty much the entire game) to get a permission to publish this as such, so you’ll have to ask someone you know [that has the game]. If you know anyone with enough C++\Visual Studio knowledge to figure out why it could misbehave like that, feel free to point them at the source code of NTT-Assemble to take a look, because I don’t know why it does that on computers of a fraction of users running Windows XP.

  12. Hi YellowAfterlife, will you be updating Terrasavr for the new Terraria 1.3.5 update? I’m sure you’re busy, I’m just wondering. Thanks for your hard work.

  13. Do you have the 5 original game maker resources packs? I cant download it from the official site. If you do have them, please upload it and then send me the link. Also, your refactored pack doesn’t have resources I truly need and units selection download link is dead.

    • Those links are now fixed and I did reply to your comments, but would appreciate if you were to have some more patience next time. Especially if you can see by comment timestamps that you are posting the comments at 7:20 AM by my time.

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