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I'm Vadym Diachenko (also known as YellowAfterlife), a Ukrainian software engineer.

I'm best known for my work on Nuclear Throne, Nidhogg series (1, 2), Forager, and Rivals of Aether. The full list of projects includes a wider range of videogames and software.

I primarily work with C++, C#, Haxe, and GameMaker (full list of what I'm familiar with).

I also write tutorials and technical posts on this blog.


I can be reached in a number of ways:

  • Email: yellowafterlife@hotmail.com
  • Twitter: @yellowafterlife
  • Discord: yellowafterlife
  • Skype: YellowAfterlife
    Note: I no longer check Skype too often so you'll usually have to send me a message somewhere else asking to check Skype.

Due to war in Ukraine I have limited availability, but may still be able to pick up some small work.

Note: Since the second half of 2021 I've been getting more emails than usual, so if it's been two or so weeks and you've not heard back from me, send a follow-up to verify that it didn't get lost.

63 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Recognised your name on the godot github. Welcome, looking forward to your thoughts on godot here on this blog!

  2. Hi, I was wondering how you made modding work in forager? Is it based on your Lua extension or something else? I want to make something similar but I’m not sure where to start and you seem like the best person to ask

    • I have a two-part tutorial on basics of writing custom scripting languages, which includes a starter project (TXR).

      The system used in Forager isn’t too unlike, just much bigger (some 14000 lines of code source-to-source-compiled from Haxe).

      It is also worth mentioning that modding in Forager doesn’t quite live up to what it’s supposed to be due to collaboration having ended abruptly – e.g. although I ported wait/fork instructions that can be seen in Nuclear Throne modding API, they were not implemented in Forager. TXR includes an example of wait-like behaviour for pausing execution, waiting for something to happen, and then resuming.

  3. Could the base code be available?

    I’m trying to do something like you, I’m actually trying, but I can’t find a way.

    seeing that if it can be achieved, maybe getting the code before compiling can be useful in my self-study in the development of tools.

    sincerely a programming student

  4. I purchased your GMLive plugin a few months back. I managed to get it to work briefly. To cut to the chase would you be so kind as to send me a template project with the plugin working. So I can use that A base for my projects and don’t have to worry about screwing anything up.

    If this is possible it would benefit me more than having a to and fro regarding the mistakes I have made have you got that option checked etc.

    I appreciate your time. Thank you in advance.

    • If you are using GMS2 or GMS2.3, the setup process outlined in the video on itch page is all you have to do.

  5. Hi

    Ive got some idea to Terrasavr (Terraria Iventory editor)
    How about preview window of your character, this might help without running Terraria game to saw how gonna charr looks like if equip items.

    • Unfortunately that would be very high-effort – I would need to bundle hundreds more images with Terrasavr (some mobile devices already run out of video memory when using the tool) and implement a wide variety of methods the game draws equipped items/dyes. I recall that there was once (around 1.2 release?) an inventory editor that did show equipped items somewhat correctly, but it didn’t survive for very long.

  6. Hi Vadim, thanks for making the cool profile editor here, I’ve been using it a few times.

    That said, it’s suddenly stopped working for me for my Journey characters. Whenever I try to load a save for my main Journey character, it says

    ‘failed to load profile, error was
    RangeError: offset is outside the bounds of the DataView
    Was it a valid character file?’

    And sure, maybe playing the game has somehow corrupted that save while still allowing to play my character. What’s really weird though, is that this happens to every new Journey character I make too. I’ve tried making a new Journey character twice, once without entering a world and once with entering a world. Both times they have the same error!

    Do you have any idea what can be going on?

    Here’s my save file in case you want to take a look: link

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