A summary of my GameMaker assets


This post serves as a collection of descriptions and links to various GameMaker-related assets and extensions that I have published over time.

Back when publishing it in 2017, I thought it was longer than expected, but it had since grown about twice in size. At least the blog has that "navigation" sidebar now.

Also should answer the "how do I support your work" question that some readers have.

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Writing Steam guides in Markdown

Markdown / BB Code / displayed result

Do you write Steam guides and walkthroughs? Or, perhaps, you are a game developer and you have to write game announcements and changelogs now and then?

And if either, has it recently occurred to you that it is not 2008 anymore and writing formatted text in BB Code isn't so convenient, even if sometimes slightly less ambiguous?

In process of working on the recent few big guides, it sure did to me, and this is a post on how to spare yourself of misery.

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Fixing buffer_set_surface in GameMaker: Studio

If you are still using GameMaker: Studio instead of moving to a more current version (perhaps you should - it's been almost five years since GMS1 support has ended) and you are doing extension work or anything else that demands conversions between raw pixel data and surfaces on Windows, you might have noticed that buffer_set_surface doesn't work on some computers - no matter what you pass in, no pixels appear on the surface.

Though the better way to put it would be "buffer_set_surface doesn't work anymore".

This is a post about the matter.

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