C/C++: Making a very tiny DLL (in Visual Studio)

Having been making native extensions for GameMaker for years, there is one thing that always bothered me: although the code is often minimal (some of my smaller extensions have less than 100 lines of code!), the DLLs still come out to 70..100KB OR have to depend on Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable, which is non-preferable for games that should "just run".

Having finally figured it out, I decided to write a small post about the matter.

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Notepad++: syntax highlighting for BB code

It came to my attention that no one published a user defined language mode for Notepad++ that would allow you to view BB code tags in the editor relatively comfortably, so I decided to correct that omission by publishing mine.

As far as technical details go, there isn't anything of particular complexity here - various tags are defined as delimiters and URLs use the same trick that the built-in Markdown UDL uses.

Download UDL

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