GameMaker: Windows-specific functions for Studio

While working on one of recent projects, I've stumbled upon few common issues that many meet - even if you are only targeting Windows in GameMaker: Studio, you cannot access files outside the game's AppData directory (not even in program directory). Neither you can order system to open a file, meaning no external "readmes" to be easily hooked up with game, nor portable configuration files, and some other limitations.
So I took an evening and made a simplistic DLL library to bring equivalents to some functions (sleep, execute_shell, non-sandboxed I/O) back for Windows target. Function list is as following:

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Tululoo: Analog Control extension (updated)

Today I've updated my Tululoo example for analog controls.
If above image isn't very illustrative, these are small on-screen circles, that can be used in applications and games to convert user input from on-screen coordinate to a vector.
In contrast to not very documented example that I've made last spring, this is now presented as an extension.
That has detailed documentation, quite cleaner structure, and more functionality (for example, now it's possible to check if a specific analog control element was pressed, similar to keyboard keys).
As one can probably guess, it also handles touch input on mobile devices accordingly, allowing multiple controllers to be interacted with at once.

Download (extension + example)