Notepad++: Syntax highlighting for GameMaker Studio


Some time ago I've introduced a Notepad++ syntax highlighting file for GameMaker 8.1 and earlier versions. At the time, making a GameMaker: Studio version seemed slightly less senseful, since dynamic scripting functions are no longer supported, and code in XML files is escaped slightly, but then... oh do wait, extensions!
Extensions in GameMaker: Studio are imported into each project locally, permitting easy modification of their files. Of course, this also implies ability to edit GML files in them. Which in turn permits editing them with external editor of choice without having to deal with XML conversions.
So I took those several minutes needed, and updated UDL (user defined language) file for GameMaker: Studio. It contains all functions, variables, and constants present as of version 1.2.1264 (released January 22, 2014). Apart of new keywords, it now sticks to editor style better as well.
Oh, and you can fold code with comments (//{, //}). Foldable sections are awesome.

Download UDL (XML)

(or grab source from PasteBin, if Dropbox is somehow inaccessible)

... and if you prefer Sublime Text, there's GameMaker plugin for that too (by Cycododge).

Notepad++: Syntax highlighting for GameMaker ≤ 8.1

Similar to other few posts about Notepad++ on this blog, this one also contains a user defined language for said program. As you can guess from title, it's for pre-Studio versions of GameMaker Language (GML).
I've made this UDF file a while ago actually, but wasn't publishing it, since it seemed that there is at least one more solution existing for this. Apparently not anymore.

This language definition supports all standard language structures of GameMaker. As well it highlights all existing functions, constants, and "special" variables (like global/self/other). Colour "conventions" are kept to ones of GameMaker. User-defined script and constant names are not automatically detected, unfortunately, but you may include these in Keyword Group 6 manually for them to be highlighted.

Download UDF

And if you are looking for GameMaker: Studio syntax highlighting, there's a UDL for that as well.

Notepad++: Syntax highlighting for Killa 0.2

Some time ago I've made a UDL2 definition for Lua-based programming language called Killa.
Actually I was planning to wait until next version of language will be released (which alters standard module names, among other things), but apparently that isn't going to be that fast, so here it is.

If you don't know what Killa is, it's a Lua-based scripting language, which adds some JavaScript-like syntax parts (including proper for-loops, bitwise operators, ternary operators, assignment operators, and more) while keeping the pleasing parts of Lua in. Also it does not allow you to accidentally leak variables in global scope, which excludes possibility of common Lua "silent errors". There's also a topic about it here. You can read more about it there, if this sounds interesting for you.

Download UDL

Notepad++: Haxe syntax highlighting

Definition file in action, displaying syntax for function of fancy purpose.

In past few days I've spent some time to update an existing user definition file to UDL2, which was introduced in Notepad++ v6.2.
UDL2 improves possibilities of creating user defined languages slightly, introducing configurable delimiters, non-symbol operators, foldable comments, and other things.
For the case of Haxe, UDL2 improves detection of symbols, and made it possible to include hexadecimal number declarations, and separate highlighting for regular expressions. A thing that is currently missing out is preprocessor instructions (#if, #else, #end, ...), however, due to nature of these, highlighting is not always needed anyway. Download