Notepad++: Syntax highlighting for Killa 0.2

Some time ago I've made a UDL2 definition for Lua-based programming language called Killa.
Actually I was planning to wait until next version of language will be released (which alters standard module names, among other things), but apparently that isn't going to be that fast, so here it is.

If you don't know what Killa is, it's a Lua-based scripting language, which adds some JavaScript-like syntax parts (including proper for-loops, bitwise operators, ternary operators, assignment operators, and more) while keeping the pleasing parts of Lua in. Also it does not allow you to accidentally leak variables in global scope, which excludes possibility of common Lua "silent errors". There's also a topic about it here. You can read more about it there, if this sounds interesting for you.

Download UDL

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