GameMaker: Troubleshooting strange outlines on images

Strange outlines around images in GameMaker and fixing them
With the glitch (left) and without (right)

If you've ever tried to scale imagery (sprites / backgrounds) up while having texture (/pixel) interpolation turned on, you might have encountered some drawing artifacts. These normally look like the left part of above image, being either random black/white dots or a whole semi-transparent outline around the image. This article goes a bit in-depth about why these occur and how to fix them. Continue reading

Love2d: Shooting things


As it was asked few times, how exactly bullets are handled in love.blast(), I suppose that this deserves a separate post.
Thing to say about source of love.blast(), is that with great performance optimizations comes great complexity of code.
Thus, here things will stay simpler, and probably a bit slower, however you probably will not notice that until having thousands of bullets on screen at once.

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