Setting up portrait orientation on Wacom One / Intuos / Bamboo

This post is about modifying configuration files for Wacom drivers to have a Wacom One tablet function in portrait orientation despite the option not being exposed in configuration UI.

Update: apparently the same applies to Intuos and Bamboo product lines, likely for the entire "generation" of tablets using the same drivers.

By default, "Wacom Preferences" application for the product line only offers two landscape modes:

However, that is easily enough fixed. Driver also includes "Wacom Preference File Utility". It's a simple program that allows you to import/export your entire configuration as one big XML file:

So the discovery process is:

  • Export (Backup) the configuration to a file.
  • Change the orientation in Wacom Preferences.
  • Export the configuration again, to a different file.
  • Compare the changes between the two files.

For comparing changes, you would either use one of the common tools (searching "text diff online" brings up a number of browser-based ones), or something more specialized (BeyondCompare is my personal favorite).

For Wacom One configuration, altering the orientation setting changes a "LeftHandedMouse" setting at the start, a bunch of coordinates across the profile configuration, but, most importantly, this snippet:

        <Orientation type="integer">1</Orientation>
        <PenScroller type="map">
          <PenScrollerScale type="double">1</PenScrollerScale>

"Orientation" node' value changes from 1 to 3, which is a hint.

So, to change orientation to portrait, you open the exported tabletprefs file in any half-decent text/code editor (e.g. Notepad++ on Windows, or default text editor on OSX), search (Ctrl+F\Cmd+F) for <Orientation, and change the number on that line to 0 (LED area on the top) or 2 (LED area on the bottom):

Then you save the file and import (Restore) it via Wacom Preference File Utility.

Upon re-opening Wacom Preferences, the orientation on first tab will appear to be undefined,

but the rest of UI will display the new orientation accordingly:

(ideally you'd probably want to use vertical orientation with a vertical display though)

And that's it. To revert back to a landscape orientation, you can use the switch in Wacom Preferences; to switch between portrait orientations you would repeat the export-edit-import routine explained above.

Have fun!

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5 thoughts on “Setting up portrait orientation on Wacom One / Intuos / Bamboo

  1. Just picked up a Wacome One Small, and used this trick to make it work – thanks !

    Important note: you can’t edit Wacom_Tablet.dat directly, you need to export and restore, exactly as per instructions above.

    Details for google: One by Wacom Small, Aldi, left handed, invert, orientation

  2. You sir are awesome! Thank you for a detailed guide. Can’t belive it’s not right there in the UI.

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