GameMaker: Escaping URL parameters

Illustrating why you should escape your URL parameters

If you are using HTTP requests in your GameMaker projects, you may need to encode parameters in URLs accordingly to prevent your requests from becoming accidentally (or less accidentally, if user input is involved) malformed.

With some luck you may have already found the script on YYG helpdesk, but there's a minor caveat - as of writing this post, it does not support Unicode, so any non-Latin glyphs will be lost in process. Also it's not as fast as it could be, coming from pre-GM:S days and all.

I have at one point implemented URL encoding for sfgml and have now made a cleaner-looking, single-script version of the function. This post is about that.

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Notepad++: syntax highlighting for BB code

It came to my attention that no one published a user defined language mode for Notepad++ that would allow you to view BB code tags in the editor relatively comfortably, so I decided to correct that omission by publishing mine.

As far as technical details go, there isn't anything of particular complexity here - various tags are defined as delimiters and URLs use the same trick that the built-in Markdown UDL uses.

Download UDL

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