GameMaker: Window commands extension

Yesterday I made a GameMaker: Studio extension that provides a bunch of utility functions:

  • Allows to minimize/maximize/restore the window on demand.
  • Allows to disable/enable minimize button, maximize button, close button, and window movement.
  • Allows to override behavior for when minimize/maximize/close buttons are clicked.

It is available for free via; Some examples of uses follow.

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GameMaker: Clipping drawn graphics

Mouseover to activate, click to reposition the clipping star.

This is a tutorial about pretty much everything related to clipping drawn graphics in GameMaker.

That is, having drawn graphics only display inside a certain ("clip") area, be that a rectangle (UI regions, minimaps, etc.), circle, or a completely arbitrary shape (pictured above).

Also I'm trying new things so this post is nicely stuffed with interactive demos and snippets.

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Introducing: Nuclear Throne Together v9877

As you might know, last year I made Nuclear Throne Together, which is a mod for Nuclear Throne that adds online multiplayer, fixes some bugs, improves the cooperative mode, and otherwise is very nice.

Just about this time last year, Nuclear Throne update 98 has released, which remains the most recent official update of the game.

Today I've released what is the largest update to Nuclear Throne Together to date.

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GameMaker: Showing a progress bar in the taskbar

Showing progress bar in taskbar in GameMaker

Since people have asked, I wrote another tiny GameMaker extension.

This one allows you to display "progress" on the game's taskbar button (Win7+ feature).

You can change status (none/unknown/active/paused/stopped) and set the current/total progress.

The feature is intended to be used for displaying progress of continuous operations, such as showing download progress, file operations, and so on.

There are numerous unexpected uses too - for example, personally I'm guilty of [mis]using it to display battery charge, since taking a glance at the taskbar button is much easier than making out percentages from the tray icon, and a button turning yellow/red in taskbar is easier to notice as well.

Much akin to the previous published one, this extension provides exactly one function with a number of constants for various options. And there's C++ code included too, if you're curious.

The extension can be obtained from or GameMaker: Marketplace. The demo project shown on the GIF is included in both packages. marketplace

Have fun!

GameMaker: Flash window / taskbar button

Today I wrote a tiny GameMaker extension that allows to "flash" the game's window and/or it's taskbar button.

This is most often used to notify the user of something happening in the game while they don't have the window focused - for example, if you have some sort of matchmaking system in a multiplayer game, you'd want the user to become aware that someone joined their game even if the game window is currently minimized.

The extension is incredibly straightforward (a single function with "flags" for options), is documented, and includes C++ source code for ones curious about it. Marketplace

GameMaker: Passing variables into Create event

Time to time I see questions being asked about whether it's possible to set variables prior to instance' Create event being executed or otherwise passing values into the freshly created instance.

Most often, people will say that, no, you can't do that, but here's a bunch of strange workarounds instead (executing in alarm event \ moving all Create code into a user event).

Now, as you might be suspecting by the title of the post, that is not quite correct - there's a bunch of substantially more valid methods of approaching the problem. This post covers them.

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