Love2d: A game in 8 minutes

A video.

Yesterday I've made a game in Love2d. In a bit over 8 minutes.
Originally I planned to get everything done in 5 minutes (similar to previous GameMaker-related post), however I somewhat overrated my ability to type 3-segment function names that I'm not that similar with.

Inserting video into Tululoo game (HTML5 Canvas)

Video credit: 'asdfmovie song by LilBruceWayne'

As you may know, HTML5 standard includes <video> tag support.
This adds some crazy interesting possibilities that can be used in games as well.

A common wish is to have a video playing as part of game or as its background overall.
Here I'm going to explain methods of doing this in Tululoo.
(implementations in languages and frameworks that allow 'low-level' access to javascript would be pretty similar too)

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