Introducing: Spelunky SD!

If you've been following me on the social networks, you may already know, that for the past three months I was working on a Spelunky Classic modification called Spelunky SD. It is a pretty broad project, implementing a number of fixes and improvements to the original game, and, most importantly, adding a 2-player cooperative online game mode.
Today, I am proud to announce the first public release of this project.
And this is a blog post about my experiences.

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Introducing: OpenFL-bitfive

OpenFL-bitfive logo

Today I'm officially releasing OpenFL-bitfive, an alternative backend to OpenFL-html5. Similar to standard backend, OpenFL-bitfive assists you at creating HTML5 games (apart of standard Flash, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, [...] ones) with use of comfortable Flash-like OpenFL API. A difference is that while focusing only on certain feature set, OpenFL-bitfive reaches quite higher performance and compatibility in its niche, also making it possible to develop mobile HTML5 games using the framework. This post goes in-depth about it.

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Introducing: TestDX

Screenshot of program

I'm pleased to present you TestDX, a test&benchmark program that I've developed a week ago for one of courses in university.
This program tests a set of characteristics, some of which are related to behaviours in GameMaker games specifically.
Program includes English and Russian localizations, with additional ones being easy enough to add (if wished).
It can be considered non-interactive (apart from being able to pause tests at any time by pressing a key), however visual presentation is kept at good level, making two minutes, that it takes program to perform all tests, worth looking at.
To keep things 'transparent', a source is included in download. There is no set license for it, but makes itself useful, if you're curious, how everything works in test.
Some of code in source is quite rushed (often done in spare minutes), but I've added documentation to all scripts, and generally code style is kept intact.


Description of specific test results below.
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