Introducing: Terrasavr!


Hello again. It've been a short while, but I have some news - today I'm proud to present you with... Terrasavr! Terrasavr is a web-based profile viewer & editor for Terraria (video game). You can either take a look at it from that last link, or read the full post for more details.


Just recently - as you may know, I've added FileReference support into OpenFL-bitfive some time ago, which means that one can now use file dialogs to exchange files with user in HTML5 applications. Provided that I wanted to verify that new features work as intended in most cases, it was a logical choice to actually make something to use it. So I've settled with a project that requires a bit of file operations, a bit of cryptography (Terraria profiles are AES-encrypted), and some UI elements as well. So a week of morning work later, there goes this.


Well... because, I can. Also, should you look at existing profile viewers/editors for Terraria, most of them are written in C#, do not have that much of a comfortable UI, and are generally not particularly up to par. So I've decided to make something that would be a change - look good, stay functional, and work everywhere.


One of things I find particularly annoying in tools of this kind is the dependency on other tools or documentation - even if there's a built-in item search function, you still cannot efficiently compare items without looking at wiki (which can be outdated) or loading up the game (which takes time).
At the same time, Terraria (application itself) features an external interface, which can be used by applications for multiple purposes. So I've made a small separate C# tool that would poll the game for item information and then write down significant parts for later use in Haxe app.
For one, results are amusing - application displays pretty much the same set of data that actual game does, sometimes even more:

Comparison of information shown by Terraria and Terrasavr

Item search itself is also kept intuitive, displaying results as you type in a familiar form:

Terraria item search in Terrasavr

And, just in case you don't even know what you're searching for, there is a library of items, both by categories and by index:

Terraria item browsing in Terrasavr

And, of course, there's the usual functionality of adding/removing items, tweaking prefixes, changing player names & modes, and whatnot. Everything is kept more or less intuitive and matches style of game fairly well.

Technology-wise, Terrasavr is made with Haxe + OpenFL, and is compiled into JavaScript+HTML5 application with use of my OpenFL-bitfive. Source will probably be available later on, once I'll clean things up to a point when it would no longer be possible to scare children with some sections of code.

Check it out!
Flash version
(if default one doesn't work)
(if you are feeling lost)

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313 thoughts on “Introducing: Terrasavr!

  1. As it stands, the current way to download Terrasavr for offline usage is a bit complicated and involves downloading the SWF file. With the recent advent of Progresive Web Apps as viable offline accessible versions of webpages, as supported by modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, would PWA support be a way to make Terrasavr available in the future for an easier offline usage case?

    • Terrasavr is already a PWA – I did the setup in 2020; page distributes a simple Electron-based application that caches the app;
      Flash version hasn’t been updated in years – over time file dialog support in browsers have improved, its share of views had fallen well below 1%, and I eventually got rid of it to reduce development costs (as a lot of program’s oddities originate from Flash Player’s inability to do one or other thing “normally”).

  2. Hello! I saw that you have supposedly updated terrasavr to work for 1.4.4. This version has the feature of equipment loadouts, which are like separate equipment inventories. I haven’t been able to find a way to access this in your latest version of terrasavr. Is this implemented?

    • Terrasavr will load and save them (or, rather, will keep the bytes intact), but you cannot edit them for the time – I did not anticipate having to add even more inventory sections, let alone inside other inventory sections. I’ll get to it later.

      • thank you. that’s good to know. at least I can safely edit other parts of the inventory without wiping my alternative loadouts :)

  3. How did u manage to decrypt the character files? (Hehe am just curious, am trying to learn how to code) Also love ur app! It really helped me a lot ❤️

    • This can happen if the page zoom is broken OR if the device lies about its screen size. Sometimes rotating the device 90 degrees and back forces the browser to reconsider. I’ve been working on a separate mobile-friendly version of Terrasavr last year, but got caught up on trying to make the numerous UI options make sense.

    • Unless an update adds new items or changes the save format, nothing has to be done for Terrasavr – the current (November) version still works perfectly fine

      • The game will be updated to 1.4.4 and more items to be added later when the time has come. Hopefully Terrasavr will be updated to match the update later on! *wink*

  4. my terrasavr isn’t working the plr thing dosen’t appear in the game… and the game is on now…

    • Make sure that Terrasavr is up to date – you can see the version on the starting screen.

      One other person reported that their copy of Terraria no longer stores player files at the normal location (and thus doesn’t see new ones either), but I wasn’t able to reproduce this on my end.

  5. Soo… the game is in 1.4.3 now. When will terrasavr be updated? Since it introduced some new items and buffs/debuffs.

    • No idea what that is to be honest, but probably not – Terrasavr is for editing save files that are on your computer.

    • Someone else confirmed that PS4 files don’t seem to load in Terrasavr, but I don’t have a PS4 (let alone one a jailbroken one) to properly investigate.

      Since you can’t legally get the PS4 save files like you can on PC/Mobile, the userbase for such a feature would be limited at best – not unlike my previous failures with Switch (<0.1% users) and tAPI (<1% users before tAPI development was abandoned)

  6. Dang, it would be really nice if I could use something like this to pull item textures from minecraft’s game files. Unfortunately, the only language I know is GML :/

    • You extract the game’s JAR file with an archive manager and then grab the textures from assets/minecraft/textures

  7. hi since the player preview’s still needs to be remade, what are the hair codes? when i looked up “terraria hair codes” and inputted them they were wrong, would mean alot if u could give some reference, thanks!

    • You’d want to take Player_Hair_#.xnb files from the game directory (Content – Images) and convert them to PNGs using something like this tool.

      Using the Stylist NPC might be easier? Or does that not show some of the styles?

    • Terrasavr does not break when non-major updates release, but I did update it earlier today – Ctrl+Shift+R to hard-reload the page.

    • Hello! I do not know just yet since the feature has to be rewritten entirely – it’s been missing additional visual styles for a while and I removed it after reports of having the character style changed after interacting with the controls without ultimately changing anything.

        • As far as I can tell, was largely a bugfix/quality of life update (no new items), so there is nothing that needs to be changed in Terrasavr for it.

  8. Hello Yellowafterlife, i am trying to add items to my inventory, i clicked library and then it redirected me to my files, how do i add items using files to my inventory? Or am i doing it wrong?

    • Are you clicking Save Player (which gives you an updated PLR) rather than Save Items (which gives you a TSR file that can be used to move/copy items between players)?

  9. Could you please make this compatible with mods. Perhaps link to tmodloader mod browser. My modded characters sometimes get corrupted and I can’t get my stuff back.

    • tModLoader is supposed to keep all of its changes in a separate file so I’m not sure why that would be an issue. I’d need a sample of a character file that corrupts after opening-saving it in Terrasavr (which should be achievable by making a backup whenever you open a file in Terrasavr and noting what you changed).

      However, a good tModLoader-compatible inventory editor should be made in tModLoader – no way to show items from hundreds of different mods otherwise.

  10. hello yellow afterlife,can you help me?half of the terrasavr website is all blue im using terrasavr on my mobile android phone I can’t see the full contents of terrasavr because half of it is full blue

    • Does the tool show the date on starting page as September 2020 or later? I did fix that issue at some point. If it is older, you’ll need to “hard refresh” the page (look up instructions specific to your Android version / browser used).

  11. Can I ask a question, im on mobile and i was wondering how do i save my changes after im done editing my character?

  12. Can this work in terraria 1.4 mobile? Asking since after 1.4 mobile i am preparing overpowered summoner setups.

    • Assuming that Terraria Mobile did not suddenly stray away from the save file format, it should – you’d want to try it and report if something doesn’t work.

    • It seems to work fine with 1.4.1 characters.

      I’ll see about adding 1.4.1 items soon – currently I’m fairly occupied with work so I didn’t even notice that the update came out before reading your comment.

      If you can find item IDs, you can edit the items in even without Terrasavr showing them (select an item and use “Edit” tab on the inventory to change the ID)

  13. I’m making a character who’s only real purpose is to be a narrator so can I go beyond the max amount of health and mana?

    • Although you can set any amount of health/mana in the file, the game will not accept them unless the executable modded to do so – the logic for clamping health/mana is hard-coded.

  14. Please help I can’t make my terrasavr fullscreens and when I press the save player with my added items it says”protocol unsupported”please help.

  15. Hi! Thanks for making this great program. Since Journey Mode came out Terrasavr is even more useful. Being able to remove (or at least hide) things from your researched list to reduce clutter is something that should have been in Terraria itself.

    I was wondering if you’re planning to fix the character preview? One of the first things I like to do with a new character is use Terrasavr to give them the vanity set, and sometimes give a Stylist-only hairstyle. (When replaying the game why not start with the look you want after all)

    But the hairstyle part is a problem with character preview broken. And it’s been broken for a while now even through other fixes getting put in. So I was starting to wonder if that’s something that’s a planned fix or not.

    • The character preview needs to be remade completely – the original implementation relied on me having cropped-collaged the clothing style/body base images by hand and then combined with hair style images using ImageMagick (see image).

      Since Terrasavr is far from the only personal project I work on, it can take some time for me to get to doing something if it cannot be done in a single weekend evening.

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