GameMaker: Dungeon generation

Fairly big, fairly maze-y, has some rooms, and takes little time to generate

This is a small update to my 2010 dungeon generator example.

The main change is that it now treats high values of "cut dead end" parameters correctly, no longer placing unconnected rooms even if there's enough space to allow that.

Also there's now a small demo on how to use the resulting data, placing some walls and a player to wander around as.

Download GMK

Update: Also see this post about this approach to dungeon generation.

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11 thoughts on “GameMaker: Dungeon generation

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to make it so the generator fills the rooms with enemies, but I’m having some difficulty. How could I go about this?

  2. Hello I really love your work and I want to learn more about procedural generation, the gmz download link doesnt work, can you please reupload it? It’s an old post but an helpfull one :)

  3. Could you make a tutorial, explaining why all the variables or something like, because it’s hard to understand it please?

    • Someone has made a post on how this dungeon generator works.
      I want to make a more understandable version of this example sometime, but times are busy so there’s no ETA.

  4. This is just an absolutely amazing website that was very helpful keep up the good work! Everything I was looking for I found here (seriously)!

    • You can, that’s what most example posts on my blog are for (apart of just studying arppoaches in them). For this particular example (as the readme/game information states) it is preferred that you give me a mention in credits (or equivalent) of the game if you use it, as it’s a pretty much complete thing that you only need to fine-tune for game needs and integreate.

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