GameMaker: resource packs refactored

Image: Those awesome futuristic tiles by Morphosis, now in a single aligned image.

I've always found standard resource packs that can be downloaded from site of YoYoGames, however rarely ever used something from them because it took multiple minutes to simply look through everything in there in attempt to find something matching.
So, decision was made to improve the situation a little bit, at least for myself.

Changes include graphics being sorted into categorized folders nicely, transparent background color in graphics, relevant tilesets being merged into larger images, and more. Overall, if you've ever considered using original pack, you might find this useful as well.

Dropbox SolidFiles

See ReadMe for more information.

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3 thoughts on “GameMaker: resource packs refactored

  1. Do you have the old game maker sprites from the site (before studio)? I downloaded the resource pack that merked with “01”, “02”, etc. couple of years ago, but I lost it. Can you reupload them, please?

      • The link in description is not dead but I added a second one.

        I don’t believe that I still have the complete archives of those, just this compilation.

        Neither am I sure if it’s worth looking for them – OpenGameArt contains much more freeware assets, for example.

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