Hello! This is a small FAQ for pixel fonts by YellowAfterlife.

You can find the fonts on itch.io; For licensing, see here.

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What do the font names mean?

All font names are in the following format:


Where cc.yal. is the shared prefix (for sake of grouping fonts in one spot in the font list), <height> is the the ascender height of the font, <width> is the general width of the font's letters, and "flags" can contain the following:

  • uc: An all-uppercase version. All fonts come with one.
  • mono: Means that the font is monospace.
  • block: Means that the font is monospace and glyphs do not extend past the WxH size, meaning that the font can sit on a (W+1)x(H+1) pixel grid.
What characters do the fonts cover?

Every font at the very least covers the Basic Latin block of Unicode and an "end of proof" (∎) character, which matches the font's size (so, for 6w4, it'll be exactly 4x6 pixels) and can be used as a block-cursor.

Many fonts also cover additional Unicode blocks - these are noted on the respective font's page.

At this time, none of the fonts cover CJK or Arabic script, for fact of me having lower familiarity with these, the amount of glyphs required, and most of my fonts being simply too small for CJK in particular (for example, the mimimum feasible font size for Chinese is generally considered to be 8x8, or 12x12 for out-of-context readability).

Do you have any stylized fonts?
  • If you are not sure if you need a pixel-art font to begin with, Chequered Ink have literal hundreds of fonts.
  • somepx makes all kinds of stylized pixel fonts.