This piece of software allows to edit Heat Signature character files - you can edit character' name, appearance, items, and mission status - all in your browser.

You can find your character files by navigating to "%APPDATA%\Heat_Signature" via Explorer, then going into Galaxy 1/2/3, and picking files in "Characters" directory.

To be safe, make a copy of your character file before replacing it with an updated version.

Some fields have information shown on mouseover.

Warning from the Heat Sig devs: if you use edited characters, please disable Sharing in the options menu! Edited characters and items can crash the game, and if you leave sharing on they'll sometimes get sent to your friends, who probably don't want that!

Note on Anniversary Update: you cannot partake in glory leaderboard with "custom" characters OR characters with "custom" items.

Additional note: the editor currently cannot make a functional character "from scratch" - please load an existing character and customize to your liking, subsequently saving with a different character name and file name.


Status Liberation total
Forename Surname
Head type Body type
Other Other
Preview: Preview:
Ammo AP ammo
Money Average pay
Kills Knockouts
Missions taken Missions finished
Clauses taken Clauses finished
Easy missions Medium missions
Alarms Living witnesses
Injuries Bleed out time
Mission cost Mission state
Mission intel (?) Rescue subject
Max glory score Glory tier
Pod state Max fuel (%)
Pod type Pod skin
Thrust color Traits
"Dying" trait timer
p. missions left
"Obsessed" PM #

Personal Mission Active


Debug information

Character I/O Fields & values
(debug information is logged into the JavaScript console - try F12)
Controls << · Clone · Remove · >>
Base name Value
Type Color (?)
Uses Times used
Original character Original player
Weapon sprite
Traits Other data