This is a "cheat sheet" for "window_taskbar" extension by YellowAfterlife.
The extension can be found on and GitHub.

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window_flash(flags, ?count, ?frequency)​

Flashes the game window and/or its taskbar button.

flags can be:

  • window_flash_window
    Flashes the window
  • window_flash_tray
    Flashes the taskbar button
  • window_flash_all
    Flashes both the window and the taskbar button
  • window_flash_timer
    Flashes continuously until told to stop
  • window_flash_timernofg
    Flashes continuously until told to stop or until the game window regains focus.
  • window_flash_stop
    Stops any current flashing

These can be combined together.

count is the number of times to flash.
Defaults to 0 if not provided.

frequency is the delay between flashes, in milliseconds. Leave as 0 o

Returns whether successful (read: whether the DLL is loaded).


// Start flashing:

// Stop flashing:

// Flash 3 times at default pace:
window_flash(window_flash_all, 3);

// Flash title bar 2 times slowly:
window_flash(window_flash_window, 2, 700);

// Flash taskbar button 5 times quickly:
window_flash(window_flash_tray, 5, 150);

// Flash window and taskbar until the window has focus (if it doesn't right yet):
window_progress(status, ?current, ?total)​

Changes the game window taskbar button's progress state.

status can be:

  • window_progress_none
    No progress shown (default)
  • window_progress_unknown
    Undetermined progress. Shown as either an animation on the taskbar button, or just a green line overlay (Win10).
  • window_progress_normal
    The kind you see when a web browser is downloading a file. Usually green.
  • window_progress_paused
    The kind you see when pausing a file download. Usually yellow/orange.
  • window_progress_error
    The kind you see when there is a download error. Usually red.


window_progress(window_progress_normal, 1, 3);
window_progress(window_progress_paused, 2, 4);
window_progress(window_progress_error, 5, 7);