This is a "cheat sheet" for "browser_file_tools" extension by YellowAfterlife.
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browser_paste_bind(?handler_script, ?filter_script)​bool

Binds a paste event handler. This also prevents Ctrl+C/Cmd+C/Shift+Insert presses from going to the game.

handler_script can be a script/function taking the following arguments:

  • data: for pasted text this is the text itself while for other formats it'll be base64 string such as "data:image/png;base64,..."
  • name: name of the file pasted.
    If the name is unknown, this is "".
    For pasted text, this is undefined.
    (comparing it to undefined is how you figure out whether to decode base64)
  • type: MIME type of whatever that you've got here.

filter_script can be a script/function taking the following arguments:

  • kind: "string" for text or "file" for files.
  • type: MIME type of the item.

it can then return true or false based on whether you want to have it passed on to the handler_script. Discarding unsupported files early can spare the page from loading files that you weren't going to process anyway.

If the handler is omitted (browser_paste_bind()), unbinds the handler.

browser_drop_bind(?handler_script, ?filter_script)​bool

Akin to above, but for allowing the user to drag and drop files onto the page.

browser_show_open_dialog(accept, multiselect, handler_script, ?filter_script)​bool

Shows a file picker dialog and hands over the selected file(s) to the handler.

accept is as per MDN (e.g. ".png,.jpg" or "image/*")

If multiselect is true, allows multiple files to be selected.

Handler/filter are in same format as above.

browser_show_save_dialog(buffer, name, ?type, ?size)

Offers to save the contents of the given buffer as a file.

buffer should contain the bytes to save.

name is the suggested file name (note: the browser might adjust it as necessary).

type is the MIME type (like with above).

size is number of bytes to save (otherwise uses buffer size).

For saving images in particular, see Screenshot Save Dialog.