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I'm Vadim (also known as YellowAfterlife), a programmer from Ukraine and the sole author of this website.

You might have heard of my work on Nuclear Throne, Nidhogg series (1, 2), or ongoing work on Rivals of Aether (see full list of projects).

I'm also somewhat known for my online multiplayer mods for Spelunky, Nuclear Throne, and Caveblazers.

Other projects can be found on itch.io (assets, smaller game mods, collabs), GitHub (tools and open-source contributions), BitBucket (smaller tools)

I'm familiar with a large number of tools and programming languages; most of the time I work with GameMaker (most of the games; primary subject of this blog), Haxe (most of the tools; I also wrote a Haxe->GM compiler), and C++ (native code for other tools).


I can be reached in a number of ways:

I may be available for contract work.

55 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Hi

    Ive got some idea to Terrasavr (Terraria Iventory editor)
    How about preview window of your character, this might help without running Terraria game to saw how gonna charr looks like if equip items.

    • Unfortunately that would be very high-effort – I would need to bundle hundreds more images with Terrasavr (some mobile devices already run out of video memory when using the tool) and implement a wide variety of methods the game draws equipped items/dyes. I recall that there was once (around 1.2 release?) an inventory editor that did show equipped items somewhat correctly, but it didn’t survive for very long.

  2. Hi Vadim, thanks for making the cool profile editor here, I’ve been using it a few times.

    That said, it’s suddenly stopped working for me for my Journey characters. Whenever I try to load a save for my main Journey character, it says

    ‘failed to load profile, error was
    RangeError: offset is outside the bounds of the DataView
    Was it a valid character file?’

    And sure, maybe playing the game has somehow corrupted that save while still allowing to play my character. What’s really weird though, is that this happens to every new Journey character I make too. I’ve tried making a new Journey character twice, once without entering a world and once with entering a world. Both times they have the same error!

    Do you have any idea what can be going on?

    Here’s my save file in case you want to take a look:

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